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Stress - free anaesthesia for kids

Stress - free anaesthesia for kids

Is your child afraid to go to the dentist?
Does your child experience stress during a visit?

If the answer is YES, then… why don’t you try our offer – dental treatment with NITROUS SUBOXIDE (laughing gas) anaesthesia!
Inhalation anaesthesia is completely safe,a mask is put on the patient’s nose and a mixture of nitrous suboxide and oxygen is breathed in.
Several minutes after the procedure, the gas leaves the body. Due to the use of laughing gas, the patient becomes calm and relaxed, and feels as though floating through air, flying, going on a roundabout, separating from the surrounding reality. Children usually daydream, while remaining awake and verbally responsive. The state of relaxation can be deepened by listening to a favourite music.
When a child is in this state, administering anaesthesia using a modern machine The Wand STA will be unnoticeable. Inhalation anaesthesia is usually administered in children around 4 years of age; it allows to retain sufficient responsiveness with the patient and thus being able to explain they have to breathe through the nose.

Prior to sedation:

 * the child should not eat for 2 hours – to minimise the risk of vomiting,
* the child cannot have a cold,
* the child should go to the bathroom J
 To register call: 32/ 282 79 42 int. 310 or come to the Developmental Age Clinic directly (room 310 – 3rd floor, building A)

Treatment with nitrous suboxide is not reimbursed by the National Health Fund.


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